Samhain 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to Issue #13 of my quarterly newsletter, posted to and e-mailed to subscribers on Samhain 2014.

Appearances: I'm delighted to report that I've been offered a half-hour slot at the World Fantasy Convention to read "N is for Nanomachine" from the A is for Apocalypse anthology. Anthology editor Rhonda Parrish will be reading the story with me. I'll hope to have pictures in the next newsletter!

In Print: While I did indeed neglect to send you a notification on release day (oops!), A is for Apocalypse is available now in both print and ebook formats. I wrote a wee teaser for my contribution as part of the release day festivities, and you can read it here.

Reviews: Reviews for A is for Apocalypse are rolling in, and one in particular had some lovely things to say about "N is for Nanomachine":

The uses of the apocalypse are wildly varied, which brings some unexpected flavours to the collection. Two well constructed ends of the spectrum come from ‘Q is for Queen’ (Brittany Warman) and ‘N is for Nanomachine’ (C.S. MacCath). The former is one of the shortest pieces in the book, but is one of the most considered. Following a handful of dishevelled worshippers of a mystic queen, the story perfectly sets up the few minutes right before the world is plunged into a blood and hellfire fantasy end. The latter, is a science fiction take on the genre. A planet of synthetic people (it would be reductive to use ‘beings’) face an inevitable extinction at the hands of the human race, who created them in the first place. It is told from the perspective of a scientist, a painter (who together are a couple), a poet, a composer and the head of state. Through letters from each of these characters you are given access to the beautiful aspects of life, which makes the inescapable climax all the more unbearable. - Sabotage Reviews

The Ruin of Beltany Ring: A Collection of Pagan Poems and Tales has also received a bit of positive attention lately, and you can read about that here.

Forthcoming: "Grandmother Mælkevejen's Belly" is still in process because of an audio formatting error, but I'll be releasing the e-book and audio versions of that story in the next couple of months. I'm also still working on that second edition of The Ruin of Beltany Ring, which I hope to release in print, e-book and audio around the same time. In the meantime, my B is for Broken short story has grown into a novelette of 13,000 words and is undergoing final edits with a November 17th deadline. As always, I'll be sure and keep you posted on these forthcoming releases.

Vegan Recipe of the Quarter: I've got a whole cookbook for you this time! I've fallen completely in love with the mouthy vegan goodness of the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. In particular, the Chickpea and Dumplings recipe is the best thing ever on a cold and rainy November day. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back at Imbolc with more news and nomz.

All the best,
C.S. MacCath


Grandmother Mælkevejen's Belly:

A Novelette of the Lodhuven

A troupe of drummers and dancers use an entheogen to track the whereabouts of two vessels rumored to be trapped in the event horizon of a supermassive black hole, while the science director of a great string engine tries to force them out of its path.

Available Soon!

In Print

"N is for Nanomachine" in

A is for Apocalypse

A nanovirus designed to terraform a hostile world threatens the community humanaformed to live there, while a small group of couriers races to preserve the music, art and poetry of its most gifted people before they succumb.

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