Excerpt from the (recovered) private videologue of L. Fermet, VCN Cameraman

DATE: GCT 20:982:6:45:1:7:1

Been slingin' this camera for thirty years and never seen a show like the one I shot today. President Incien stood up in front of a bunch of kids and showed the UAP how bad it's gettin' here, how them nanomachines are makin' the world into something we can't live in. Then she said the kids were gonna try and cross the orbital barricade in a refitted fuel carrier, but we all figured she was sendin' 'em up to die. Hell, even they figured it. Bravest people I ever did meet, though. Broke my heart to watch 'em head off for launch prep. Great Mother, I hope they die quick, if it comes to that.

Speakin' of dyin' quick, I ain't got that luxury. The VCN dragged my arthritic bones out of retirement and stuffed this little baggie full of pills in my hand to keep me alive until all the cameras go dark for good. Said I was 'necessary personnel'. Label says not to take 'em with booze, but my gut ain't got to last me too much much longer, so I been chasin' 'em down with the good stuff. That ain't got to last me too much longer, either.

We, VCN I mean, already know there probably ain't no hope. The president told the press corps to prepare for the worst about three months ago when she sent them couriers out. The public ain't been clued in about that yet, but they will be soon, I imagine.

(recording skips)

Wanted to take the camera outside and shoot some footage of what's goin' on. I don't know if anybody'll ever see this, but it's in my nature to show and not tell, so here you go. There ain't no ash in the sky anymore; hell, it's practically blue, and people are startin' to starve to death.

Let me bend down here.

See this little patch of green? That's grass. Nanomachines are coverin' the whole world in it. I seen a lot of things in my time, but this scares me more'n every single one of 'em combined. Heh. Never thought the end of days could look so pretty.

Anyway, if anybody gives a damn, my name was Lew Fermet. I never did right by any of the women I married, but I loved my mother and dad, and I'm probably the best news cameraman the VCN ever had. That ain't braggin'; that's just the truth. And if there is a holy mother up in heaven like my dad always said there was, I hope she shows you a hell of a lot more mercy than you showed us.

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