The Longest Road in the Universe: A Collection of Fantastical Tales

The Longest Road in the Universe Second Edition

Three broken people; a monk bearing a terrible scar, a warrior facing a terrible sorrow, and a woman hiding a terrible past face a relentless army so difficult to defeat it might as well be invincible. Genetically-altered citizens of a volcanic desert planet rush to preserve their cultural heritage as a terraforming project consigns them to death. A population of slaves engineered to love its owners comes to grips with their disappearance, while a grief-stricken pilot follows the trail of his missing master to the center of the galaxy. Supermassive singularities at the end of the universe contemplate the harmony before and the quiet ahead; mourning, eulogizing, and creating something altogether new. Discover these and other stories in The Longest Road in the Universe: A Collection of Fantastical Tales.

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ev0ke Interview!


Rebecca Buchanan recently gave me the opportunity to discuss Folklore & Fiction's 2018 inception as the first online folklore scholarship project aimed at storytellers. I also discussed my Pagan spirituality and practice, my forthcoming play and EP, the folklore of folk metal, and a few other things. Thank you, Rebecca, and thank you, ev0ke!

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