Shatter and Rise

A young woman braves the wrath of a winter goddess to learn a lost magic. Another throws the tarot for an unrequited love and finds only a mirror in the cards. Two sisters make a terrible choice to preserve one of them from harm. Shatter and Rise brings together three ballads from C.S. MacCath's repertoire of original songs to address the resilience, the heartache, and the power of magical women. Hit "play," curl your hands around a tisane, and be transported.

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Folkbyte Newsletter July 2024

Greetings, All!

Welcome to the July 2024 Folkbyte newsletter. I have news on The Storyteller's Guide to Folklore (plus an excerpt!), The Songwriter's Guide to Folklore, and The Folklore & Fiction Ballads EP. Onward!

Dispatches from the Word Mines

It's great to be back at work full time on my own projects knowing I won't be interrupted by yet another round of dissertation edits. However, my supervisor, one of my advisors and a couple of my examiners all said my dissertation would make a good book and gave me great notes to push it in that direction. I have two non-fiction books, a fantasy trilogy, and three EPs scheduled for work in front of that, but I've slotted it in after those are completed (in the next four-to-five years).

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