ConLangs 101: Placeholder

I've written the final post in the ConLangs 101 series, ConLangs 101: The Primordial World Sea People, which covers the biological, syntactical, historical and cultural components of the languages I created for the Primordial World Sea People (PWSP) and their descendants. However, I've realized in doing so that I've tipped my hand more than I'd like in advance of the sale and publication of Twilight of the World Sea People. Also, strategically speaking, the post will have more impact and generate more interest in the book once it's published. So I'm holding it in reserve for now, with apologies.

In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the series so far! Here's what I've covered:

ConLangs 101: Introduction
ConLangs 101: A Departure from English
ConLangs 101: The Biology of Communication
ConLangs 101: Units of Speech and Writing
ConLangs 101: Culture of Communication
ConLangs 101: Placeholder
ConLangs 101: The Primordial World Sea People

Until next time then, tapadh leibh airson a' leughadh, agus qapla!