Celtic Rhythms for Drum Kit: The Jig - Bass and Hi-Hat

In order to make use of this article you should:

1.Know what a jig is
2.Be able to read drumming notation


The bodhrán is a versatile instrument, but the drum kit is more versatile, and the combinations of sound it can bring to Celtic music are vast. However, it's important to remember that Celtic music isn't rock and roll, jazz or any other kind of music and can't be played on the kit as if it is.

The Feet: Emphasizing the Music

When playing a jig on the bodhrán, emphasis is almost always placed on beat 1 of the measure. Additionally, emphasis is often placed on beat 4 of the measure, so that beat 1 is emphasized most, while beat 4 might also be emphasized with a rim click or other device. Slightly less often a double-downstroke is used on beats 1 and 3, so that beat 1 is emphasized most, while beat 3 is slightly softer.

This emphasis translates to the drum kit by means of creative footwork using the bass and hi-hat. The bass will almost always sound on beat 1. Beat 4 might be emphasized by bass or hi-hat, depending on the desired sound. A double-downstroke might be created with the bass on beats 1 and 3.

The Exercise

You can download the practice sheet below.