Folklore & Fiction: Folklore Scholarship Meets the Storytelling Craft

This paper will introduce my Folklore & Fiction project, a public folklore newsletter and podcast in its fifth year of production that combines folklore scholarship and storytelling instruction. Aimed primarily at writers of the fantastic, Folklore & Fiction endeavours to make folkloristics accessible to people who utilize folk genre, tale type, and motif as components of the creative process much as they also utilize plot, characterization, and setting. I will draw from editions of the newsletter to discuss the structure and content of the series, and I will draw from the podcast to include excerpts of episodes and music.

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American Folklore Society Annual Meeting
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MacCath-Moran, Ceallaigh. 2023. “Folklore & Fiction: Folklore Scholarship Meets the Storytelling Craft.” Presented at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, November 2.