The Year in Writing (Among Other Things), and Awards Eligibility

It's New Years' Eve, and the most exciting thing I have planned for the day is a little work on the AF1 novel and an evening date with Scott Lynch's Republic of Thieves followed by John Twelve Hawk's essay Against Authority. It's been a good year on balance; we lost our beloved cat Winter in January, and we went through a dry spell late this year while Triskele Media navigated out of one tech contract into another, but we also went to England in June (a perfect time to see the country), and I had my best writing year yet.

Both "N is for Nanomachine" and "C is for Change" were nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and "N is for Nanomachine" was shortlisted for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award. "Sing the Crumbling City" was a featured story for the month of April in Mythic Delirium Magazine and was later released in Mythic Delirium: Volume Two. "T is for Three (at the End of All Things)" was slated for publication in the next Alphabet Anthologies installment, and I threw my name in the hat for the following volume in the series TBA. I also released "Grandmother Mælkevejen's Belly: A Novelette of the Lodhuven", my first e-book/audiobook combination through Triskele Media Press. I was a guest at Hal-Con again (and loved it!), and I had the opportunity to sit on a number of great panels at Capclave. Finally, I rounded the writing year off at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, where I spent time with writing friends, old and new.

If you're voting for All the Things in 2016, I have a couple of eligible pieces. Here they are:

Short Story: "Sing the Crumbling City." Mythic Delirium. April-June 2015. Digital file.
Novelette: "C is for Change." B is for Broken. Edmonton: Poise and Pen, 2015. 22-54. Print.

"Sing the Crumbling City" is available online, and I'd be delighted to send you a copy of "C is for Change" for voting purposes. Just drop me a line.

My career has been a slow-moving thing for a number of reasons, but I feel like I've leveled up this year, and I'm excited about the projects I'm working on now. There are two very different novels in the works, and while I'm still navigating the logistics of writing two novels at once, I like both projects a lot. As previously mentioned, I'll also be writing a story for the next Alphabet Anthologies book. Finally, I might put out a volume of poetry in 2016 through Triskele Media Press. My work was popular at Hal-Con; I sold everything I had, so I think it would be good to have a volume of poetry on the table when I appear at conventions.

So yeah, it was a good writing year, one I've worked a long time to have, and I'm looking forward to better ones in the years to come.

That's it for 2015!