Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia Council Membership

I've just received word by post that I've been accepted to the council of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia. Requirements for membership on the council can be found on the membership page, which includes the following:

Members who meet the professional writing standards defined in the By-Laws of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia may apply for Writers' Council membership. Only Writers' Council members may participate in the Writers in the Schools program, serve as workshop instructors, and feature in our 'Writers in NS' listing.

Applications for membership in the WFNS Writers’ Council must be submitted to the Membership Committee c/o the Executive Director. Complete applications must include a curriculum vitae, a detailed bibliography, and a cover letter demonstrating how the applicant’s CV meets Writers’ Council criteria as copied from the By-Laws below. Please note: for applications based on periodical publications, applicants must clearly identify which of their periodical publications make up the eligible body of 30,000 words the Membership Committee is being asked to consider.

This is exciting for me, because it means that I might have the opportunity to participate in the Writers in the Schools program and teach writing workshops. It also means that I have a greater opportunity to interact with other writing professionals in the province, which is something I value.

And while I'm on the topic of writing, I want to recommend three desk reference books to my fellow professionals. They are:

All three are co-authored by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. I've found the online version of The Emotion Thesaurus extremely handy while drafting, since it provides a range of physical manifestations characters might exhibit as a result of their emotional states. I've just purchased hard copies of all three, and I expect the other two will be equally helpful.

That's it for now. All the best to you!