Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia Article and C is for Chimera Cover Reveal

I've been shoveling my way through a couple of snowstorms and working on the ML1 novel, so I haven't had the time to post a proper writing update. I have two bits of news:

First, the kind folks at the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia asked the lovely Clare O'Connor to interview me for the Winter 2016 edition of Eastword. You can read the full interview here. Next, my fearlessly alphabetical editor Rhonda Parrish has swept the curtain aside on the cover for the next installment of the Alphabet Anthologies series, which contains my itty-bitty myth about supermassive black holes and the heat death of the universe entitled, "T is for Three (at the end of all things)." And now that you have the cover, here's an excerpt, below:

Before the ancient stars coalesced into brightness, in the vault of the foregoing universe, there were sorrows too great for any being to bear, and the greatest of these was the sorrow of ending. Not the end of a day, with its sundown promise of another sunrise, and not the end of a life, while memories of the dead remain and there is hope in some hearts for the soul's journey onward. No, this sorrow was vast, cold and complete, and it spanned the void of space among the last rough fragments of matter strewn in terminus.

Who was there to grieve in that heat death? Scripture tells of three; supermassive singularities at the end of their gathering in, brooding upon the cacophony before and the quiet ahead, sacrificing radiation to become chimeras of the wonders they once devoured. There was Face-of-Time, in whose mouth a trillion tongues cried out in languages long extinct. There was Skin-of-Suns, fat with the orbits of planets given to memory. And there was Feet-of-Entropy, fevered with a dance of creation fallen to stillness.

C is for Chimera drops on April 19th, and that's all for now. Cheers!