Winter Solstice Dispatch 2022

Hello, and welcome to the December 2022 Folklore & Fiction dispatch. At the summer and winter solstices, I mimic the sun and pause to reflect on my own creative work. However, in this edition, guest contributor Rebecca Buchanan will pause and reflect in my place with a return to June's discussion of Pagan futurism via her short story, "Hysthaany." Rebecca is the editor of the Pagan literary ezine, Eternal Haunted Summer and is a regular contributor to ev0ke: witchcraft*paganism*lifestyle. She has published four short story collections and two poetry collections as well as numerous other novellas, short stories, and poems in every genre from fairy tales to fantasy to horror to mystery to romance to science fiction. She has a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies in Religion from Claremont Graduate University, and a personal library that is threatening to outgrow her house.

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