When I talk to myself, this is what it sounds like.

Responsible Ceallaigh: Well, I've ordered copies of Batman #1 and Batgirl #6 to complete my collection. Now it's time to get to work!

Organizational Ceallaigh: You know, if you finished that unread stack of comic books on your desk, you could put them in the read stack and bag and board them all together this morning.

Geek Ceallaigh: (whispering) That's right! You tell her!

Responsible Ceallaigh: (eyes the stack) Well, I *am* collector as well as a reader, and I *do* want to keep them nice...

Geek Ceallaigh: (with pom poms) Read the comics! Read the comics!

Responsible Ceallaigh: No, I can read them after I finish my edits, and they're not going to suffer any damage where they are.

Geek Ceallaigh: (pouts)

Organizational Ceallaigh: I tried.