State of the Writer on the Threshold of Winter

Last weekend, I attended a much-needed meditation retreat, received excellent meditation instruction from a kind and patient teacher, spent time with good people...and outlined a brand-new trilogy in my head. It's the most straightforward thing I've ever considered writing, and it's relatable to a lot of what's already in the market. As it happens, I think these two factors detract from the work, but I like the core idea quite a bit, so I'm going ahead with it.

Because it's so straightforward, I don't plan to outline the first book (a departure from my normal MO since I outline everything, even short stories), and I do plan to write it straight through with minimal editing until I have a draft. It will also be a secondary project, a release from the structured work I'm doing on ML1. I'll write it at the end of the day, or on weekends, or whenever I have a spare brain cell to give it.

The winter's work is cut out for me; one high-maintenance, far future adult novel (ML1) and one low-maintenance, near future YA novel (AF1). So if you don't see me around the Internets and want to keep in touch, please shoot me an email. =)