State of the Writer

As is our custom here, Boxing Day is a work day, so I'll be polishing up edits for "C is for Change". Next week, I'll be writing the final three posts in "The Vegan Pagan" series and editing web site content for a gorgeous project Sean has been working on for some months. In January-February, I'll finally be re-releasing The Ruin of Beltany Ring in paperback, ebook and audio, and I'll be releasing "Grandmother Mælkevejen's Belly" ebook and audio as well. I have some tentative plans to write a one-act play or two in 2015, and I'd also like to finish the script for my short-run comic series if I can find a new artist for the project, but the big work for the year will be writing the first novel in what I'm tentatively calling The Motherland Duology. I'm also planning to continue my work in the anthology series I've been writing for this last year.

So, 2015 will be a busy time creatively. I'm feeling more entrepreneurial about my career than I ever have before, so expect self-pub releases of previously-published stories and the like. I've also got a few irons in the fire I'm not quite ready to blog about, but here's hoping they pan out as well. Finally, I expect to be process blogging about the craft a little more in 2015. I'm finding that while longer entries take a bit of time to write, shorter entries are quick and keep me talking about writing online, which I like.

Hope your holidays are grand!

All the best,
- C.