Scheherazade’s Façade Is in Print!

I'm delighted to report that Scheherazade’s Façade, the first anthology of Circlet Press' new Gressive Press imprint, is now available!

The e-book editions of the anthology can be purchased through Circlet Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers. The print edition will be available through the same in a few days, once the title navigates its way through the publishing system.

Our illustrious and indefatigable editor, Michael M. Jones has granted us permission to offer e-book versions of Scheherazade’s Façade to reviewers and bloggers, so if you happen to be such a person, and you'd like to write about what we've created, please let me know. You can reach me by commenting anywhere you see this announcement or by writing to me via the contact page on my web site.

It's a lovely thing to be a writer and have the privilege of seeing your work in print, but it's especially remarkable to be part of a project that challenges boundaries and reaffirms the humanity of all people no matter where they fall on the gender spectrum. I'm proud of this anthology, I'm proud of Michael M. Jones' perseverance in bringing it to print and I'm proud of my own contribution, The Daemons of Tairdean Town.

I hope you like what we've all created together.