Pre-draft Research Bibliography

At one time, this bibliography represented the body of my research for Petals of the Twenty Thousand Blossom. However, I realized many years ago that for the better part of my species and planet-building (alien physiology, land ecology, etc.) I neglected to add my scientific sources to this list. Since most of those were Internet science resources, and since I didn't bookmark them, there are gaps in my bibliography where these subjects are concerned.

Therefore, this is a best-effort bibliography of my pre-draft researches, reasonably accurate with the aforesaid caveats to 2007, when the primary world-building for this series was completed. I have excluded resources I reviewed and subsequently discarded along with resources specific to world-building and the writing craft in general.

Of course, none of the individuals whose work is represented here have endorsed my novels, and any factual errors present in the final series are surely mine.


Batuski, David J. Personal Interview. Dec. 2003.
Dr. Batuski is chair of the Physics department at the University of Maine.
Bernard, Peter. Personal Interview, Sept. 2007.
Pete Bernard is a Command and Control Specialist for the United States Air National Guard whose military insights were invaluable to me.
Cowart, Wayne. Personal Interview. May 2003.
Dr. Cowart is chair of the Linguistics department at the University of Southern Maine.
Groo, Melissa. Personal Interview. June 2003.
Ms. Groo is a research assistant in the Bioacoustics Research Program, Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
MacCath-Moran, Sean P.O. Personal Interview. Ongoing.
Sean P.O. MacCath-Moran is a Zend-certified PHP engineer and my husband. His insights into logic and software systems, as well as his general insights into the structure and content of this series continue to be invaluable.
McDaniel, Dana. Personal Interview. May 2003.
Dr. McDaniel is a research professor of linguistics at the University of Southern Maine.
Wood, Devin and Lorien. Personal Interview. 2005.
Devin and Lorien Wood are friends and colleagues whose insights into transgenderism and the transgendered community helped me to characterize Jakyri Drottning correctly and sympathetically.
Zielinski, Greg. Personal Interview. Aug. 2004.
Dr. Zielinski is the Maine State Climatologist and a research professor of climatology at the University of Maine Climate Change Institute.


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Visual Media

  • Planet Storm. Television. Discovery Channel, 2001.
  • The Blue Planet. Dir. David Attenborough. DVD. BBC Video, 2003.
  • The Elegant Universe. Dir. Joseph McMaster. Perf. Brian Greene. DVD. Nova, 2004.

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