The Old Manse

Our house bid has been accepted by the seller and signed, so now I am comfortable writing about our soon-to-be new home. As I mentioned before, the house is in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, chosen by National Geographic as a Traveler's Best Trip for 2013 and a regular Lonely Planet top destination. I know I sound like a tourist brochure, but Cape Breton really is that special; so beautiful even in foul, autumn weather that it makes you want to weep and so sacred that softens even the most cynical of hearts. Around here, my Gaelic and 'Caper' friends all say they feel suddenly better when they cross the Canso Causeway onto the island, and it's absolutely true of us as well.

We toured the house we're buying last fall while we were at Celtic Colours and found it perfect and lovely. An old minister's manse on 100 acres of woods, it has been in constant service as a bed and breakfast for many years. It's currently running under the name A Guiding Light, and you can look at a few pictures of the place by clicking on this link: A Guiding Light B&B.

We plan to take the manse out of active service as a bed and breakfast for awhile so that we can remodel a bit on the inside, build a greenhouse and wild animal rescue hostel, and plant an orchard and garden. In the meantime, our home will be open to all our friends, near and far. So if you're reading this and want to come visit our beautiful island, please let us know. There's a warm bed and a hot, vegan breakfast waiting for you here. Best of all, it's within walking distance of the Gaelic College, so if you're inclined to come and learn the language, you'll have a place to stay while you take classes.

I am acutely conscious that with this move, I am getting most of what I wanted from my life; I am making it with my beloved husband, I am moving to a place where my Great Mother still walks, I am positioned to act on behalf of orphaned and injured wildlife and I am able to immerse in a language and culture that calls to my soul. It's been a long road, and this isn't a final destination, but I look forward to where the journey will take me from here.