November 2023: Gone Folkloring

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Since 2016, the C.S. MacCath newsletter and later the Folklore & Fiction newsletter and dispatch have been managed by Mailchimp. However, Mailchimp is integrating generative AI into its platform and has updated its terms of service with language that surrenders copyright of anything created with that AI to Mailchimp. Because it's unclear how deeply this AI will be integrated into the platform, I don't know if I will be surrendering the existing content of my newsletters, dispatches, and mailing lists, and I also don't want to create anything new on the platform. I haven't accepted the new terms of service, but I only have until mid-November to move the mailing list before they come into effect.

Fortunately, my husband and I are already working on a website upgrade, and we have decided to move the mailing list back into my hands as it was before 2016 so that I have full control of my subscriber list and content again. However, there might be a hiccup or two over the next few months, so I'm asking for your patience while we sort things out. In any case, this will be the last newsletter you receive via the Mailchimp platform, and the next one should come directly from me. Many thanks in advance.

Folklore & Fiction

The November 2020 Folklore & Fiction dispatch has been recorded as a podcast, and you can both read and listen to it here. I'm writing about performance with help from scholars Dan Ben-Amos, Roger D. Abrahams, Richard Bauman, and others, author and playwright William Shakespeare, and the McGahan Lees Irish Dance Academy. I'm also exploring possible uses of performance in storytelling.

Gone Folkloring

There will be no essay this month because I am writing the conclusion of my doctoral dissertation, travelling to Portland, Oregon for the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting to deliver a paper about the Folklore & Fiction project, and delivering an online talk for The Folklore Podcast. I'll have more news on all of these fronts in December's edition.


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