No, With Apologies

In the last couple of months (since completion of the novel), a number of unavoidable issues have cropped up and limited my writing time, and this has frustrated my efforts at revision considerably. However, in the last week, I've managed to clear my plate of several outstanding projects and substantial chunk of life-detritus so that I can proceed with something more closely resembling a regular schedule. To that end, I fear I must make an Internet Pronouncement of the sort one reads from time to time in the blogs of other writers.

I'm presently putting together a marketing packet for my novel and working my way through revisions. On the heels of that, I have major plotting work to do for the rest of the series and a second novel to start. In the past, I've had the luxury of putting down my work for a day or a week if necessary in order to take care of other things. However, if I expect to be taken seriously as a professional, I can't afford to do that anymore.

Beyond that, Sean is working between sixty and eighty hours a week right now, and he'll be on this schedule for the forseeable future. In addition, we've just incorporated, and there are a number of tasks that need our immediate attention in order to stablize our new business. Add to that the usual pressures of life and the holiday season, and it doesn't take a mathematician to see that our available time is severely limited.

The only answer is to restrict the outflow of our energies. In other words, we have to start saying 'no', even to things we've previously said 'yes' to. I've thought about writing to various people and providing a heads-up to that effect, but I think it's better to aim for flexibility in these things. If we have the time, we'll do the work/show up/whatever, but we probably don't, and we'd consider it a kindness if you didn't ask any favors of us for awhile.

Thanks so much for understanding.