The Longest Road in the Universe: Second Edition

Sometime in December, likely on or around the winter solstice, I'll be releasing a second edition of The Longest Road in the Universe: A Collection of Fantastical Tales. My primary reason for doing this is to change the cover and add a story. I love the current cover and always have; Murky Depths commissioned the art from Nancy Farmer when it bought the titular story from me years ago, and I've always thought it captured an important moment in the narrative. But readers have told me it gives the impression that the collection is comprised of horror stories, and it isn't. (It's a mix of science fiction and fantasy.) So I'm changing the cover and moving the art inside to illuminate the story for which it was commissioned. I'm also adding a story first published in the Stolen Island Review in 2003.

My plan is to release the second edition with less fanfare than I released the first; I'll probably put it up for pre-order in about a month, run an Amazon ad through the early part of December, and make an announcement on social media. With that in mind, if you haven't read the stories yet, I'll say that I'm proud of them and hope you will. 


Updated cover coming soon!