Interview and Publication Round-up

Rebecca Buchanan of Eternal Haunted Summer was kind enough to interview me for the Winter Solstice 2010 edition of the journal. That interview is available online now.

This marks the end of my publication year, which was again somewhat sparse, not because I'm not selling anything, but because I'm not writing anything short. The novel is close to completion, however, and my hope is that next year, I'll be able to list that sale at year's end. In the meantime, here's what I published in 2010:

"The Motif of Sovereignty in Irish Poetry." Aontacht 3.2. September 2010.

Eternal Haunted Summer. 21 December 2010.

"A Path Without Bones." Eternal Haunted Summer. 20 March 2010.
"Fetters." Goblin Fruit. January 2010.
"Leviathans." Strange Horizons. 20 September 2010.
"The Interstitial Fairy Demolition Crew Casts a Circle." Eternal Haunted Summer. 20 June 2010.