Imbolc 2016 Newsletter

     Welcome to Issue #18 of my quarterly newsletter, posted to and e-mailed to subscribers on Imbolc 2016.


    I'm delighted to announce that my novelette "C is for Change," which appeared in the B is for Broken anthology, has garnered a nomination for the Pushcart Prize. This is my second Pushcart nomination in two years as a result of my work for the Alphabet Anthologies, and I continue to love writing for the series, so stay tuned for more alphabetical stories.

    You can buy B is for Broken by clicking here and selecting your preferred format from the links provided.


    Speaking of the Alphabet Anthologies, editor Rhonda Parrish has revealed the cover for the third installment of the series, C is for Chimera, which contains my short story "T is for Three (at the End of All Things)." Here's the cover and a quick teaser for you. Enjoy!

C is for Chimera

Before the ancient stars coalesced into brightness, in the vault of the foregoing universe, there were sorrows too great for any being to bear, and the greatest of these was the sorrow of ending. Not the end of a day, with its sundown promise of another sunrise, and not the end of a life, while memories of the dead remain and there is hope in some hearts for the soul's journey onward. No, this sorrow was vast, cold and complete, and it spanned the void of space among the last rough fragments of matter strewn in terminus.

   This anthology drops on April 19th.


    The kind folks at the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia recently asked the lovely Clare O'Connor to interview me for the Winter 2016 edition of Eastword. You can read the full interview here.

Vegan Resource of the Quarter:

     The Vegan Pagan is still on the back burner, so I'm going to stop telling you about it until I have something of substance to say. However, you can still sign up for the mailing list at

    In the meantime, I invite you to check out New York Times bestselling author Michael Greger M.D.'s web site at Dr. Greger's video archive on plant-based nutrition is second to none and is a go-to resource for me whenever I have questions about my own nutritional needs.

     That's all for now. Thanks for reading! I'll be back at Beltane.

C.S. MacCath

In Print

B is for Broken

"C is for Change" in

B is for Broken

Three broken people; a monk bearing a terrible scar, a warrior facing a terrible sorrow, a woman hiding a terrible past face a relentless army so hard to defeat it might as well be invincible. Find out whether or not they survive in "C is for Change."

In Print

"Sing the Crumbling City"

In a city that is, spacetime fissures gape like ravenous grendels in the landscape. In a city that might have been, a traumatized girl can close the mouths of these monsters before they ever open, if only she will sing. Between them, a trio of musicians play as if all life, everywhere, depends upon the song. And it does.

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