Genius Engineer Husband:1 -

Revised for accuracy on October 20, 2011.

So, I read my last blog post to my genius engineer husband, who had something of an epiphany when I finished.

Genius Engineer Husband: Can you revise the projects you have on the site?

Me: I think so.

Genius Engineer Husband: Why don't you replace the contents of those projects with your blog entries?

Me: (o.O) That's a great idea! You heat up dinner, and I'll go see if I can do that!

I went upstairs to my desk and logged into Turns out that even though I can't delete my projects, I can change the covers and contents of those projects as part of a revision process*. So I kept the covers of my projects intact, but the contents are very different now. They're the history of my quarrel with the company, comprised of the blog entries I made about it along with a note requesting a heads-up from anyone who gains access to them. They've been retired again, which means they should never be available to anyone but me, and I've downloaded PDFs of the revisions that show the changes I've made. That way, if reverts them to their old content, I'll have proof the company tampered with my work. If ever makes them public again, the company will have condemned itself.

Fortunately, I already have my keepsakes, both in printed and in PDF form. It's also fortunate that I have a genius engineer husband, who not only has brilliant ideas, but can make and reheat Tardis** stir-fry.

Problem solved, and frack anyway.

*I previously wrote that the old files were deleted as part of the revision process, but I was incorrect. While the composition of the projects are indeed changed, the archive of files used in the projects cannot be deleted.

**So called because I always cut too many vegetables for it, and he always manages to fit them all into the wok. =)