Dhachaigh (Homeward) Miscellany

I've made it home and plan to write a post about Quebec City soon, but for now (and until after I settle in) here's a pile of miscellaneous news I didn't feel like posting via iPad.

Professional News

My first quarterly newsletter went out to subscribers on October 31st. You can read it here, and you can subscribe by visiting my web site at csmaccath.com.

In other news, I've come away from my holiday with a powerful sense of having let my writing career and my home suffer in the last month for the sake of other things. It's my intention to remedy that going forward by placing my writing career and my home at the front of my life rather than making time for them at the back. With this shift in priorities will come a shift in my available time, with apologies in advance to any people who might be affected by it.

Market News

I was sad to learn that Murky Depths is ceasing publication with Issue #18. Terry Martin writes in his blog that:

And it was influential, having been voted Best Magazine/Periodical in the 2010 British Fantasy Awards and having been nominated twice for the BFSA award in the Artwork category. I continue to be proud of my two appearances in the magazine; Terry Martin presented Casting Sin and The Longest Road in the Universe alongside beautiful art created for the stories by talented artists. I'm genuinely sorry to see this magazine go.

Personal News

The basement flooded while I was away during a storm surge that brought the ocean nearly a foot up over the bank. The flood sent salt water into the fuel intake valve for the furnace and caused the house to fill with smoke, which left my husband and cats without heat for a day and a half until a repair person could come and set things to rights. As a result, the house continues to smell of damp, and the unfinished basement floor remains wet because of the chilly weather.

Sacred News

It's been many years since I celebrated Halloween and not Samhain, but that's what I did with family last night before driving home. There was candy, a carved pumpkin, old cartoon specials and John Carpenter's Halloween. I had never seen the movie, so my niece and I were indoctrinated together, and a creepy good time was had by all. That said, I do intend to honor the turning of the year and my ancestors this coming weekend, and I wish a belated Blessed Samhain to all who observe it.

That's all for now. Time to schedule the rest of the week, tally my trip receipts and take a hot bath, not necessarily in that order.