I just finished my second run on the treadmill in three days. Every day this week, I've made time for meditation. I'm rediscovering an old friend in the positive, health-affirming work of Louise Hay. My journal is filling up with daily goals and the ways I've met them. I'm drinking tart lemon water by the quart and have indefinitely given up alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar and the few bad fats we vegans do eat.

As a result, my perspective is beginning to shift. My tolerance for negativity is decreasing, and so is my willingness to place myself in situations where I am forced to deal with the hurtful behavior of others. My fear for my health is transmuting into action, and I'm ready to change in order to be well.

Here's why.

My medical test results are back, and they aren't as good as I had hoped but not as bad as I had feared. I've previously indicated a cagey sensibility with regard to public discussion of my health, and I still think it's best to keep a lid on the details. But I will say that the one issue treated with medication last month has evolved into three different problems; some related and others unrelated but discovered in testing. As my veterinarian and friend is fond of saying, we aren't a disparate collection of parts. We're systems, and one problem can precipitate others.

All of my health problems are treatable; some might require surgery and others can be managed with lifestyle changes. My life is not in danger. But I think the way I meet these challenges will steer my health going forward, and I want a good road. So I am resolved to make it so.