"C is for Change" Nominated for Pushcart Prize

I've just heard from Rhonda Parrish, editor of the Alphabet Anthologies series, that she has nominated my novelette "C is for Change" for the Pushcart Prize. This story appeared in B is for Broken and is dear to me for a number of reasons, so I'm delighted to receive this news.

Many thanks to Rhonda for inviting me to participate in the Alphabet Anthologies project and for publishing my sometimes weird, sometimes long stories. It's a great gig; I get to write things I love, and a fantastic editor puts them in beautiful books. What more could I ask?

You can buy the whole anthology here, and you should! There are twenty-six gorgeous stories in it. Here's a teaser from mine:

"Three nights, maybe less," I told the man; a grandchild clinging to his neck, another clutching a trouser leg, and watched his mouth fall slack with fear. "And we can only make ten trips up the mountain a day, for people and supplies both, so the Qandunar warmaster wants you to run, if you can."

Three broken people; a monk bearing a terrible scar, a warrior facing a terrible sorrow, a woman hiding a terrible past face a relentless army so hard to defeat it might as well be invincible. Find out whether or not they survive in "C is for Change." Now available in the B is for Broken anthology.