Book-for-Donation Exchange

I own a copy of Antiquitas Lost: The Last of the Shamalans, which I bought at Hal-Con 2011, where it was signed by comic artist Geof Isherwood and author Robert Louis Smith. I'm ready to pass this book along to a new reader, and I thought about giving it away outright, but then I remembered something an acquaintance in Britain did when I ordered a custom sacred rattle from her a few years ago. She asked that I make a donation to a charity that protected endangered, African wolves as payment for her work. I thought it was a brilliant idea; I got to help protect wolves, and I got a sacred rattle in the bargain.

So that's what I'd like to try and do with this book. If you're interested in it, respond to this post wherever you happen to see it (my web site, G+, FB, Twitter) and let me know. Once I've confirmed that the book is yours, donate whatever you think it's worth to the Humane Society International and forward the resulting screen shot or thank-you e-mail to me indicating the donation was received. I'll ship the book to you at my own cost, and everybody wins. =)