Book Day Recap

The Kindle promotion went really well! 161 people downloaded The Ruin of Beltany Ring on Beltane (Get it? Beltany Ring? Beltane?), and nearly a hundred have entered the Goodreads giveaway so far. Not bad for a wee chapbook out there in the world!

But will the giveaways translate into sales? I don't know, and for this little book, it's not as important to me. I wanted for people to read some things I had written and get to know my writing style. Let's face it, there are authors whose writing styles we love (Guy Gavriel Kay and Lois McMaster Bujold are two of my favorites) and authors whose work doesn't appeal as much. Free books are a great way to give people the opportunity to see for themselves whether or not my writing appeals to them, and besides, it feels good to give books away.

So, many thanks to everyone for your interest! I hope you like what you read.