Beginning Final Edits

I've taken the requisite week off after finishing the last chapter of Twilight of the World Sea People, and I begin a section pass tomorrow for Chapters 13-17. I'm really looking forward to it too; they were the hardest and most alien chapters to write, but I felt great about each one as I finished it. I honestly don't think they need much, but I owe them a look before I begin the final edits.

Sadly, I'm only working two days this week; Wednesday Sean and I are taking time for a very late Mabon celebration that will probably take the better part of the day, after which I have Gaelic class in the evening. Friday, I'm heading into town for a physician-prescribed massage, a pile of errands and a trip to my comic pimp err...rather, my local comic shop (there are 'New 52s' to buy, after all). This weekend is for apple picking, juicing and wine-making, which ought to make my sister Chelle happy, 'cause when I brews it, she mulls it! Next week, however, I'm back into edits full time so I can have the novel ready to go to market by Samhain.