Activism Updates: Weeks of March 4th & 11th

This edition of Activism Updates focuses primarily on permaculture and sustainable gardening, especially with organic/heirloom seed. It's also more locally-focused, because I believe local action is the very best kind. Also on offer is an abbreviated list of the organizations that send me alerts by way of e-mail and social networking, so that you can use them in the formulation of your own action strategies, if you like. Most of them advocate animal rights and environmental issues, but I'm also a big fan of the transition movement, and I've included a local link or two, as well.

Permaculture for Transition Workshop - April 14-15

What It Is

From the Web Site: We're going to spend lots of time introducing some of the most accessible and effective solutions out there in permaculture, applied as design. Here's a few we will highlight:

- How families are meeting much, if not all, of their healthy food needs through the design of productive landscapes that don't require application of pesticides and herbicides, and countless calories of energy expenditure to supply their food from far away, and how they are doing this without spending unnecessary energy and time!

- How soil is being created through the design of human habitat. You'll quickly see how a healthy soil is the beginning of the solution to so many problems.

- How we can provide for much of our energy needs through a small amount of well-placed strategy.

- How using simple design strategies can lead to independent and secure water resources for households and gardens, without the need for draining aquifers and rivers systems. We'll take a look at these strategies applied in some of the driest inhabited places in the world.

What You Can Do

If you live within driving distance of St. Margaret's Bay, attend the workshop! You can find complete details at the Transition Bay web site.

Hope Seeds 2012 Seed Selection

What It Is

Hope Seeds, located in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, has released its 2012 organic seed catalog! I met Andrea Berry, who owns the farm, when she spoke at a Halifax Association of Vegetarians dinner. She's completely committed to sustainable vegetable farming and very approachable about best practices for gardening.

What You Can Do

If you're planting a garden this year, order her seed catalog or check out the online shop and consider purchasing organic seed produced by a farmer committed to good food and good health.

Activism Links

What They Are

These are some of the organizations and news feeds I monitor for the creation of Activism Updates editions. No, PETA isn't on the list, and it probably never will be. However, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate input from you about other resources I might include in my searches.

What You Can Do

Formulate your own action strategy. Communicate with activists. Coordinate your efforts. Write letters. Shop, eat and live according to your values.

Animal Activism

∗ American Anti-Vivisection Society
∗ Animal Legal Defense Fund
∗ Center for Biological Diversity
∗ Humane Society International
∗ Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Environmental Activism

∗ Environment News Service
∗ Environmental News Network
∗ Greenpeace International
∗ RealClimate

Local to Nova Scotia

∗ Nova Scotia Environmental Network
∗ Sustainability and environment in the Maritimes


∗ Transition Network


If you take action on any of these items and have the time, I'd love to hear about it! I'd also love to hear your suggestions for improvement. Until next time then, thank you for everything you do to make the world we share a better place.