Activism Updates: Brief Hiatus

My next Activism Updates post isn't due until next weekend, but with Thanksgiving on Monday, a trip to Bangor on Tuesday and Wednesday and Celtic Colours after that, there's little chance I'll be posting much of anything at all next week. The following week I'll be finishing up the panels I'm writing for Hal-Con, completing a course of spiritual training I've been undertaking for many years and attending a two-day Shambhala meditation workshop, followed by my nephew's birthday. The week after that is Hal-Con, shortly followed by World Fantasy Con, likely followed by my collapse into a pile of coffee-saturated goo for a couple of days before I leave the researching/marketing/submitting/conventioning part of my writing career behind for a long spate of actual, honest-to-goodness story-writing.

So, the next Activism Updates post will be up on the weekend of November 10th-11th, when I'm planning to review Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism. I'll be online between now and then, of course, but please let me take this time to wish you all a blessed Samhain, if you're inclined to celebrate it. As for the rest of you, have a happy Halloween! Remember that candied apples are mostly comprised of fruit, which is good for you, and you can never have too much face-paint.