2012 in Review

I had planned to write a Year in Review post last week, but we've had family here, and sudden, expensive car repairs, and a computer death and replacement, and, and, and...

It was an odd year for my writing. I finished edits on Twilight of the World Sea People, which is still making the rounds to prospective agents and editors. Scheherazade's Facade - which includes my story The Daemons of Tairdean Town - found its way into print via Circlet Press and a successful Kickstarter project. I was nominated for a Rhysling Award again, this time for my poem "When I arrived, this is what she said", which appeared in Goblin Fruit. And I was a guest at Hal-Con, Atlantic Canada's largest fan-run convention.

On the flip side, I wrote very little new fiction or poetry, which vexes me. I plan to remedy that this year with a few short stories and Book II of the Petals of the Twenty Thousand Blossom series, Rise of the World Sea Stewards. I write too slowly, in truth, and I'm too easily distracted by life (though to be fair, last year was big in other ways). I'm very much looking forward to all the new words I'm about to string together. I've missed the creation part of this process.

In other news, I confronted a possible ALS diagnosis and was cleared of it. I haven't mentioned this publicly before for various reasons, most of them having to do with our immigration status and the fact that I believe my GP was grievously in error when she suggested I might have the disease. But the result was the same for me emotionally. It was a difficult time. I'm still pursuing a diagnosis for my symptoms with a competent, local neurologist, but right now the worst of them are facial fasciculations, twitches and mild spasms, which are intermittent and improved with regular calcium supplements and the occasional botox injection.

On the Gàidhlig front, I continued my studies with the Atlantic Gaelic Academy and my studies/volunteer work with Sgoil Ghàidhlig. I'm a solid, intermediate student of the language now; I can write basic communication and understand at least half of what I read. My speaking skills aren't where I want them to be, but I'm hoping to improve that this year.

Finally, Sean and I became permanent residents of Canada, which means we get to make our homes in Nova Scotia, the most beautiful place I've ever been and the place I've been happiest. Sean went from full-time, on-site employment to full-time, telecommuting contract work, and this makes it possible for us to consider a home purchase in Cape Breton. I can hardly believe our good fortune.

Goals for 2013? I want to write more. I want to worry less about my health. I want to speak better Gàidhlig. I want to enjoy the company of my husband. I'd also like to recultivate my meditation and drum practices, which for me are essentially the same thing.

That's it for 2012! Happy New Year, everybody, or as we say in these parts, Bliadhna Mhath Ùr. May you achieve all you hope to achieve this year in the company of people who love you.