2012 in Review

I had planned to write a Year in Review post last week, but we've had family here, and sudden, expensive car repairs, and a computer death and replacement, and, and, and...

It was an odd year for my writing. I finished edits on Twilight of the World Sea People, which is still making the rounds to prospective agents and editors. Scheherazade's Facade - which includes my story The Daemons of Tairdean Town - found its way into print via Circlet Press and a successful Kickstarter project. I was nominated for a Rhysling Award again, this time for my poem "When I arrived, this is what she said", which appeared in Goblin Fruit. And I was a guest at Hal-Con, Atlantic Canada's largest fan-run convention.

Activism Updates: Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism, by Mark Hawthorne

Please Note: With this edition of Activism Updates, I'm relinquishing the illusion of a schedule for the series, since it's become abundantly clear to me that I haven't the time to stick to it. Worse, I've stopped actually reading the activism e-mails that come to me from various sources; I drop them in a folder for later perusal, thinking I might use them in the blog series, and then never return to them. So I've actually become a less-effective activist than I was when I began, and that's problematic for me.

Why We Won't Be Going to See The Hobbit

Like any pair of geeks, Sean and I have been looking forward to this film for years, have played and shared the trailers, have swooned over the snippets of song we've heard. We've even planned to go to the midnight showing on the day of its premiere, and we've talked about whether or not Peter Jackson will once again render Tolkien's work with the loving detail he gave to "The Lord of the Rings".

Canadian Permanent Residence and House Purchase

We've had a few irons in the fire here at Taigh MacCath-Moran and haven't been quite ready to talk about them until recently. But now that things are sorted, I wanted to announce a couple of cool changes in our lives.

World Fantasy Convention: The Banjo Apocalypse Crinoline Troubadours

On Saturday afternoon of the convention, four holes-in-the-shoes, dust-in-the-petticoats wandering minstrels offered up an hour of entertainments designed to lift the spirit and put the mind at ease. Never you mind that our minstrels were forced to move at the last minute from their assigned space to a suite on the tenth floor because NO YOU CAN'T BRING YOUR HOME-MADE COOKIES INTO THE KING ROOM (Did you know that forbidden cookies taste like unicorn giggles?) and NO YOU CAN'T HAVE SINGING EITHER (what kind of Lurch/Miss Umbrage wannabe was running that room, anyway?).

Scheherazade’s Façade Is in Print!

I'm delighted to report that Scheherazade’s Façade, the first anthology of Circlet Press' new Gressive Press imprint, is now available!

The e-book editions of the anthology can be purchased through Circlet Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers. The print edition will be available through the same in a few days, once the title navigates its way through the publishing system.

Home from World Fantasy Con

I'm home from World Fantasy Con and slept in my own bed last night. Woohoo! It was tremendous to put faces to names, to make friends of colleagues, to share the experience of writing with other professionals. It was also great to geek out a bit over the books I love; I now have signed, hard cover editions of The Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, and I also have signed hard cover editions of Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen by Garth Nix.

Samhain 2012 Newsletter Correction

In the Samhain 2012 newsletter just mailed, I made an error in the name of the lovely woman who interviewed me for Geek Inked Magazine. Her name is Ally Leja. In my haste to get the newsletter out, the part of my brain that was looking at her handle on the Geek Inked blog (princessleja) didn't communicate with the part of my brain that spoke with her Sunday, and I rolled a '1' on my INT modifier.

My apologies, Ally!

Confirming Your Subscription to My Quarterly Newsletter

I was doing some database maintenance this morning and noticed that a few folks had signed up for my quarterly newsletter but hadn't confirmed their subscriptions. At least two of these folks are people I'm acquainted with, so I added them to the list manually, but I thought it might be a good time to remind everybody that newsletter signup is a two-step process. You need to put your name and e-mail address in the box on the right sidebar of my web site, and then you need to click on the link the system sends you in a follow-up e-mail.

Never Miss An Opportunity to Dance

Our first Celtic Colours was a resounding, smashing, amazing success. We were only in Cape Breton for four days, and I've only been back a few hours, but I already feel so far away from home. Thursday, we drove Gaelic friend L up to the home of Gaelic friend J in Whycocomagh, where we were invited in for tea and conversation. Afterward, we made our way up the winding, oceanside mountain to Ingonish, where we found our cottage at the Ingonish Chalets cozy and welcoming in a rough-hewn, log cabin sort of way.

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