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The Ruin of Beltany Ring: A Collection of Pagan Poems and Tales

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This collection of poems and tales, spanning eight years of publication in Pagan and speculative fiction magazines and journals, includes award-nominated poetry and fiction that illuminates Pagan life and relationships with the sacred.

"C. S. MacCath is simply one of the finest Pagan fiction writers working today. Her stories express the complexity, beauty, and chaos of contemporary life with both precision and passion -- a rare combination, indeed. "The Ruin of Beltany Ring" is but one of the enthralling tales to appear in this wonderful collection, but it is my favorite of the set; to tell more would be unfair to the reader, so I will simply urge you to set aside whatever you are doing right now and dip into this collection at once." - Anne Newkirk Niven: Editor, Witches & Pagans Magazine

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