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Sing the Crumbling City


MLA Entry: 

"Sing the Crumbling City." Mythic Delirium. April-June 2015. Digital file.

"Sing the Crumbling City." Mythic Delirium Volume Two. Mythic Delirium Books, 2015. 144-151. Print.

"Sing the Crumbling City." The Longest Road in the Universe: A Collection of Fantastical Tales. South Haven: Triskele Media Press, 2016. 128-137. Print.


In a city that is, spacetime fissures gape like ravenous grendels in the landscape. In a city that might have been, a traumatized girl can close the mouths of these monsters before they ever open, if only she will sing. Between them, a trio of musicians play as if all life, everywhere, depends upon the song. And it does. "Sing the Crumbling City" is the featured story for the month of April 2015 in Mythic Delirium.

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