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2008 Publishing Credits

Short Fiction:
"Casting Sin" in Murky Depths, May 2008
"Akhila, Divided" in Clockwork Phoenix: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness, July 2008
"From Our Minds to Yours" in The Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction: 13 Prize Winning Tales, October 2008

"Bringing Woden to the Little Green Men" in PanGaia, January 2008
"The Warrior" in Goblin Fruit, January 2008
"The Harper" in The Lorelei Signal, April 2008
"Upon the death of my host and waiting for uplink: by Event Horizon, formerly of the Oracle Duality Liselle Marie Michaud/Event Horizon" in Strange Horizons, September 2008

"Bringing Woden to the Little Green Men: Introduction" in PanGaia, January 2008

Gardner Dozois Reviews Clockwork Phoenix in Locus

Mike Allen has just learned that Gardner Dozois reviewed Clockwork Phoenix: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness in the December issue of Locus, giving it the same treatment he gave it a few months ago in The Best New Stories Of 2008. While "Akhila, Divided" wasn't a favorite, Dozois did mention my name in association with others who had written solid SF stories in the anthology, and coming from the Caesar himself, that's praise I can live with.

To my knowledge, this will be the first mention of my name as an author in Locus, which is another thing to be glad about.

2007 Publishing Credits

"Evil Thrives on Secrecy" in PanGaia, April 2007
"Bringing Woden to the Little Green Men" (Introduction) in Pangaia, January 2008

"From Our Minds to Yours" is a finalist for the Pagan Fiction Award.

"White" in Arabesques Review, January 2007
"Two Servants of the Morrighan" in Mythic Delirium, June 2007
"Upon the Silent Steps" in Mythic Delirium, November 2007
"Bringing Woden to the Little Green Men" (Poem) in Pangaia, January 2008