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Declining the University of Aberdeen's Letter of Offer

I've recently received word that the Graduate School at the University of Aberdeen doesn't plan to offer any funding for my Celtic research. Without funding assistance, even the Fulbright won't be able to bridge the gap between my pocketbook and international British fees for three years. So I've decided not to pursue this academic option any further.

In truth, I've been on the fence about this degree for some months now. I'd begun to have reservations about whether or not the Celtic department and I were a good fit for one another based on substantial differences in our communication styles, so this lack of funding came as much a relief to me as anything else. I hasten to write that I definitely think things are turning out for the best here.

Therefore, I have declined the university's offer of admission, and I am making solid plans in other directions. More news when I have it.

C.S. MacCath Site Redesign Underway

The C.S. MacCath web site redesign is underway. This is a major reorganization for the purpose of making the information here more accessible to visitors, so please don't count on pages being exactly where they were before, since much of the content has been consolidated and/or moved. If you're looking for something in particular, try the web site menu structure first. When in doubt, however, the search box on the home page can help you find what you need.

My University of Aberdeen Letter of Offer...

...arrived yesterday via international post. In other news, I am considering a web site redesign as a prelude to my pending PhD studies. This web site is a useful, functional thing for a writer with musical proclivities, but the theme is intentionally somewhat whimsical, and there's a great deal of dated information here organized somewhat loosely. I also don't know how I feel about the 'talking on the Internet' paradigm of my journal entries either, though it might be fun to journal my academic progress through the PhD. We'll see... For the foreseeable future though, things will remain as they are.

2009 Publishing Credits

Short Fiction:
"The Longest Road in the Universe" in Murky Depths, January 2009
"The Ruin of Beltany Ring" in Witches & Pagans, September 2009

"The Harper" in A Time To... Volume 3: The Best of The Lorelei Signal 2008, July 2009 (Reprint)
"Godtouched" in Witches and Pagans, September 2009