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An Introduction to Neo-Paganism for Non-Pagans

Here are the promised links to resources mentioned in the lecture.


A Witch's Bible
Drawing Down the Moon
Essential Asatru
Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies
The Satanic Bible
The Spiral Dance
The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft


Anton Szandor LaVey
John Michael Greer
Philip Carr-Gomm


Cherry Hill Seminary
Circle Sanctuary


Hymn to Proserpine - Algernon Charles Swinburne
Poem by RoMa Johnson
The Wiccan-Shaman-Druid Song
The World Is Too Much With Us; Late And Soon - William Wordsworth


The Wild Hunt Blog Tag Archive - Lady Liberty League

Web Sites

A Look at Racist Skinhead Symbols and Tattoos
Ár nDraíocht Féin
Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism
Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism Facebook Page
Charge of the Goddess
Church of Satan
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS)
Gael Ùr Blog Entry
Heathens Against Hate Web Site
Heathens Against Hate Article By C.S. MacCath
Heathens Against Hate Facebook Page
Ordo Templi Orientis
Sacred Well Congregation International
The Fellowship of Isis
The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

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