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International Celtic Gathering Canada 2009

Fri, 07/31/2009 (All day) - Sun, 08/02/2009 (All day)

I will be teaching two workshops at the International Celtic Gathering 2009. These will be:

Introduction to Celtic Languages

This workshop will gloss the linguistic history of the six Celtic languages and point participants to modern/local resources for Celtic language study. Scottish Gaelic will be highlighted for deeper analysis, and participants will be given the opportunity to practice their skills speaking and singing in that language.

This workshop is intended as a light introduction to Celtic languages that will cater to the needs of participants who have never studied them before or who have only just begun their studies. More advanced students are welcome to attend but should be aware that the focus will remain on introductory material.

Bodhrán Drumming

The bodhrán is an old, round noisemaker that might have come to Ireland from Africa by way of Spain. Then again, it might have originated in Central Asia. It also might have evolved in Ireland from a work implement into a musical instrument. Some say it's fairly new to Celtic music, having only been adopted into the Irish family of traditional instruments when Sean O'Riada described it it as Ireland's 'native drum' in the 1960's. Of course, O'Riada's whole point in making that statement was that the drum has been a part of Irish music a long, long time.

In any case, it's here now, and we're going to bang on it awhile in this workshop. You'll be taught to hold a tipper/stick, taught to strike the drum properly, run through some practice exercises and taught the difference between a jig and a reel. I'll have two spare drums and tippers with me, but that's all I gots, so please try to bring yer own instruments. Most of all, we're going to have fun and play music, in that order.

Bring your Bodhrán if participating within this workshop!

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